My Thanks to You


I thank my readers and hoped that I may have given you some encouragement in that chapter of your life, that I was able to help you some way in your relationship, marriage or in raising your children. I hope I have given you some contentment and self satisfaction. That you can believe in yourself and have a positive attitude through your life and whom you share it with. I hope that my book about LOVE, MARRIAGE, AND RELATIONSHIPS will touch your heart, teach you there is a way, and don’t give up on the ones you love. Making it work no matter what it takes, to continue the love for each other, giving it all you got. To treasure your moments together, to share happiness and joy. Be grateful to all that you have and all that you are. To raise your children with wisdom, love, security, that you’ll always be there for them. That you will have patients and guidance in helping them with their every need, teaching them right from wrong, what’s good and what’s bad, leading them in the direction of honesty, love and  graciousness. Teaching your children to keep their eyes on God, and prayer in their hearts. Learn to walk with the Lord, he will guide your children and surround your family with his angles, to protect you from evil and to give you a healthy, happy life.

I want to thank my husband for putting up with me the last year in writing my book. It had taken up a lot of time from my family and my duties as a mother and wife. Being up late many nights until I was so tired and exhausted to take care of the ones who loved me. It’s been very draining, there were times when I felt discouraged and wanted to give up, but I felt it was so important to reach out and help young single men and women looking to get married. I feel the need for them to understand what marriage is all about, so they don’t have to go through what so many other couples have gone through and end up divorced. Give the knowledge of what I know and have learned in the passed thirty years. Giving the best advice to not only young single adults and their relationships, but to married couples, how they can keep sex, intimacy and passion in their marriage. Marriage can be a struggle, but you can get through it, with a little push and Jesus Christ our Lord and his love.

Best of Luck,
Carrie Donahue