Before Marriage Advice

Steps to note before you think about getting married!

* How long have you dated? because time will tell if it is infatuation and love or lust?

*  What do you love about him/her; their heart, thoughtfulness and kindness or what they have to offer you or popularity?

* What attracts you to them; their good looks, their personality or their money and hot car? Don't be influenced by money, that may not always be there!!!

* How do they make you feel? happy and out-going and secure or uncomfortable, upset and frustrated?

* Do you have a lot in common and the same interests, you will be spending a lot of time alone if not?

* Women, do you want to work or have to work, talk with your partner; if they will expect you to work or be a house wife, What do you want?

Think about this; what is most important to you; categories your priorities  #1 being the most important.

* Having a big house - * Having children - Being in love - Sex - Having a career - Being a house wife - Trust and respect - Traveling - You still like to Party - Having lots of money!

Now be honest with yourself; if you are ready for marriage, this should the order of your categories:

1. Being in love and feeling secure in your relationship; knowing if you are in love takes time, and not to be influenced by money or what they have. You love them for all they are: respectful, thoughtful, caring, trusting and honesty.

2.  Career; is important because you need to finish school, collage or training before you start a family, so you have two incomes to save for your dream house. Once you have saved enough then you can start your family. I know money is important because it buys everything you need to live, and depending on how much you make determine what you have and where you live, but money is not before true love or career.

3.  Travel before you start your family; because it is to hard and more expensive to travel with children. You should start traveling with your children when they are old enough to pull their own traveling bag and walk along side of you.

4.  And of course Sex; sex is very important to any marriage or relationship and there needs to intimacy.

5. Having children; be sure  you are mature and ready for children, because that are a life time of work, but worth it.

6.  Party time; should be last in priorities, there are so many responsibilities in raising children, you have to be grown up and out of the party stage of your lives. You can still go to parties and have fun, but it's not like before you had children.

Talk with you partner, do you want to work or will you have to work. Do you want to stay home and raise your children? talk about this before marriage! There must be a balance in your lives making sure you're both happy with the dissections you make or situations will come up later in your marriage that was not talked about and will cause problems in your marriage. You always have to communicate and talk it out!

Each of these questions play a big part of love and marriage for it to work. The book "Love, Marriage and Relationships" covers all that!

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