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Carrie (Baboff) Donahue; I got married in 1990 at 34 to the most passionate man, who is very romantic and giving of his heart. We started a family right away. I have three beautiful girls that keep me very busy. I treasure the values and responsibility of a mother and wife. I feel good about my accomplishing and fulfilling goals, and look forward to what’s ahead. I was very busy as I was growing up and now I only keep as busy as my family allows me. I have a home to keep up with and my girls are very busy with sports as well. I try to do all my work when they’re in school, so I will have the time for them when they get home. Writing this book took precious time from my family, but it was worth it if I have been able to help you, my reader.

  • I attended Fullerton J.C. and Orange Coast Collage.
  • I worked at Hoag Hospital, in Newport Beach, California, for ten wonderful years. It was exciting to learn the medical field, I met so many nice people and a list of exceptional doctors. While I was working at the hospital, I had many other side jobs. 
  • I modeled runway, I opened my own clothing store, did fashion shows, appeared on talk shows and did many interviews with the media for my fashions. 
  • I worked at the ““Out Patient Surgery Center” in Huntington Beach California. I worked side by side with doctors on staff, observing many out patient surgery’s. 
  • I then worked for two years from 1988 to 1991 at ““Women’s Medical Group” in Irvine, dedicated to helping couples with infertility and pregnancy. 
  • I meet my husband in 1996, fell in love, and started a family.


I spent my time raising my girls and going to MOPS (Mothers Of Pre Schooers.) Mom's came together to hear professional speakers talk about being a better mother and how to raise your children and words of incurragment to being a good wife. I spent four years listening to these professionals, some doctors, some counselors and therapist to learn what WORKS in a RELATIONSHIP and how I can help others. In 1994, I started going to MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers). 

Professional speakers would come once a week, to teach how to be a better wife, mother and person. It gave me the confidence in believing in myself, my marriage and raising our children. I took their professional advice and I’m giving it to you. We need to stop DIVORCE and there needs to be more love and passion.
As I watched all my close friends fall apart with breakups, separation, and divorce. I was saddened to watch the heartbreak and the children involved. They needed help and I wanted to give it. I could only listen and observe. Where was the love? They don’t know how to give it. If only they had a book to teach them, if only they had one more chance to make it work, but it was to late. They didn’t see it coming, they didn’t catch it in time. 

This book is designed to reach out to couples married, remarried, dating singles, young or old, divorced or widowed. To give hope, reassurance and direction in any situation, and what you should know about LOVE,  MARRIAGE AND  RELATIONSHIPS. To give you the chance before it’s to late. What you don’t know, may hurt your relationship. 




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