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*   Complement her on how good she Looks and Smells!

*   Sending flowers: shows your love for her.

*   A simple note inside a card saying how special she is.

*   A box of chocolates: is always a good way to show you were thinking of her today.

*   Remember, your charm and mental stimulation alone, won't be enough to escalate arousal for a woman to be in the mood for sex, but it will warm her heart. This is just the start that needs to take place to win her heart and if she feels she is ready to move forward. Also remember, reaching extreme sexual pleasure and greater orgasm for her, is the stroking of the clitoris hidden back in the vagina is what will take her to the level for her to climax.

*   Take her out for a special dinner, or have a candle light dinner at home with a tall glass of some good champagne or wine, sitting by the fire place with her favorite romantic tunes.

*   Rub her back, her feet, kiss behind her ear and down her neck. That will certainly get her attention.

*   Watch a good old fashion movie one she likes, remember it's for her.

*   Walks on the beach is so romantic and watching the sun set, it will defiantly bring you closer.

*   Take a trip, get away, take a weekend off.

Whatever you do you're doing together, that's what builds your relationship and brings you closer. That's the key to staying in Love!

Suggestions for a
Romantic Evening