About eighty percent of marriages fail today because of life styles, habits and bad attitudes that should have been detected before marriage. Sexual needs were not met form a lack of interest. 

The Book "Love, Marriage & Relationships" 
will help get you back on track!

One of the problems with couples today is; not enough foreplay that leads to arousal, which increases sexual pleasure for greater love and relations. Couples pack their lives with busy schedules, making less time for each other or not in the mood for intimacy, which is most important in any marriage or relationship. 

Don’t be in a hurry for sex, remember before intercourse how important foreplay is. The need for touching and stroking each other before having sex helps increase higher libido, the emotional craving for love. Reaching your climax, the highest level of stimulation, for stronger and more fulfilling orgasms for both you and your partner. 

This book is designed for all age levels of dating, from sexually active young adults, to older men and women who have lost their sexual desires. I help you to understand life with the opposite sex, at different stages of your life. Dating, marriage, separation, divorce, remarriage, step parents, grandparents, widowed even menopause and men’s midlife crisis. This book will help explain dating, all the important issues that parents have a hard time talking about to their thirteen and fifteen year olds. You will be surprised what children are doing at this age.. 

There is much to know about marriage before marriage, understanding it's not all a fantasy. 
Good health, exercise, and a balanced diet, plays a big part in meeting sexual needs  and better performance for both partners. Exercise and diet also can help men hold an erection to enhanced sexual performance.

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There is information on Free Online Counseling, Free Helpline Referrals and Teen and Adult Hot Lines to help you in your Crisis or Everyday Challenges. 

I have written chapters that will help you talk to your children about sex and unwanted pregnancies. For some parents, it's not an easy subject.

I don’t know of any book that teaches couples how to date, or how to find a mate. So many young couples think they are in love, get married but for the wrong reasons, ending up sad, hurt and divorced because no one ever told them what to look for in a relationship. I feel there is a need for learning, to help stop split up marriages, divorce and unwanted pregnancies. The ones that suffer the most are your children, what they don't know, will hurt them. It's up to you as their parents to teach your children about love and marriage so this doesn’t happen to them. 

I have written the different stages of life we all will go through, to make it easy to deal with life as it comes.

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